Will Algarve Ever Rule Bike Holidays?

Holidays are everyone’s favorite, it’s a necessity to be able to get some time off the hectic work or school days. On holidays, we want to catch a breath to relax and enjoy every second to the fullest. Planning to go on a more adventurous holiday? Bike holidays are THE answer! Algarve bike holidays are probably the best one yet in Portugal, their landscapes and beautiful sceneries make your bike holidays a memorable one.

Is Algarve Bike Holidays The ONE?

Why Algarve you may ask? Algarve is home to fascinating destinations that are very unique, they offer a significant characteristic that creates a distinction between other places. Algarve bike holidays will be both a historic tour and a sightseeing relaxation. Paddling through the regions of Algarve is the perfect way to submerge with the Portuguese culture and to enjoy the ocean breeze.

Cape St Vincent

One of Algarve’s breathtaking and must visit destinations is the Cape of St. Vincent near Sagres. It is the most southwestern tip of continental Europe and gives out the magnitude of nature which made it unique and one of a kind. The combination of nature, myth and culture blends in together in Cape St Vincent making it feel exquisite just to walk around there. The place itself and its surrounding area fall under rare places where mythical dimension combines with historical factors and majestic nature, resulting in a magical place. It fills the historic and scenic interest for tourists.

There will be a small lighthouse on the cape, it’s open to the public but only on Wednesday. If it’s open, visiting it will be an unforgettable experience. There is a museum, gift shop and cafe on site which made it more approachable as a destination. The area around the lighthouse will have miraculous views over the coast and into the mesmerizing ocean. The sound of the crashing waves and colorful skies in the evening will leave you in awe.

The view of Cape St Vincent, the amazing place that you can visit by joining Algarve bike holidays

Castro Marim Castle

If historical places attract you, then this is a must visit place in Algarve! Enjoy your Algarve bike holiday with the castle of Castro Marim. It is a medieval castle located on a hilltop overlooking the civil parish of Castro Marim. It has a rectangular shape with 4 round corner towers and 2 entrances. The place itself is really well preserved and going on tour will be the best option to know more of the history. Wandering around the local landmarks will show the great views it offers. Pretty sure it would be an interesting site for the kids as castles are not really as common anymore.

The rustic atmosphere and the countryside views make it worth a stop. Conserved as a reminder of the inquisition and the horror dealt to people in the name of God, definitely a compelling history for anyone.

Museu do Traje

A hidden gem can be found in the district of São Brás de Alportel called Museu do Traje. It is the museum that holds the history of the cork industry. It includes on how it affects the people and towns in Algarve. The building itself is very beautiful with a welcoming atmosphere. It is a unique experience for those who are interested in how cork influenced everything in Algarve. The museum is run by a charity and displays the time period (early victorian) accordingly which made it seem like you turn back in time.

Overall it’s an interesting stop to know more about Algarve and how it becomes what it is today. With the concept of displaying the passing time as well as showing the costumes in each time period, this museum is worth the visit.

MTB Algarve’s EXCITING Bike Tours!

Explore Algarve with two wheels! MTB Algarve offers both guided and self-guided tours in Algarve’s magnificent gems. The following are MTB Algarve’s guided bike tours that can make your Algarve bike holidays easier and definitely MORE FUN!

People are enjoying a bike tour in Faro and stopping around RIa Formosa lagoon

Ria Formosa Tour

One of MTB Algarve’s most popular guided tours. A family-friendly bike tour which can be enjoyed by all ages without any requirements of fitness levels. The tour is in the capital of Faro, the southernmost city in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. Faro is blessed with the best climate for bike tours and is surrounded with beautiful coastlines.

The route is easy as it is on a flat off-road course by the sea around the Ria Formosa or also known as the real natural paradise. The guided tours will adapt to your own pace so your bike holidays will be relaxing and enjoyable as you want it! The minimum distance is 8km but you can always ask to extend it to around 40 on a tour from 4 to 6 hours with a stop at the beach to have lunch.

The Wine Tour

A fun tour with a wine experience! The tour is in the countryside of Algarve where it will start at the heart of Serra do Caldeirão, passing the water route of Font of Benemola and finish the tour in Quinta da Tôr, Loule. At the last destination of the wine tour is a picturesque village named Tor in Loule district and you can do wine tasting sessions to complete the wine tour experience! This tour is relatively easy but it is a long one. Sounds so fun, isn’t it? Getting some new knowledge while on a bike holiday? Who would want to miss out?!

The Enduro Tour

The tour is in the district of São Brás de Alportel where you can explore through nature on technical single tracks. The beautiful landscape of this hidden district will make your Algarve bike holiday an amazing one! This tour is on the more difficult level but as always MTB Algarve prioritizes your enjoyment and will upgrade or degrade the level of cycling depending on your fitness level. The minimum distance is 8km to a maximum of 30km on a tour from 4 to 6 hours with a stop at a local biker restaurant to have lunch.

A person is resting in the middle of Algarve bike holidays

Unknown Algarve Road Bike Tour

The last but not least of MTB Algarve’s bike tour. This is the ideal Road Bike Tour. This tour will take you away from busy roads, hectic cities and leave you with stunning sceneries, perfect surfaces and challenging climbs.

This tour is “tailor-made”, tailoring to your exact needs and wants to make your Algarve guided bike tours the MOST enjoyable one!

Have The Best Algarve Bike Holidays With MTB Algarve!

Don’t miss out on Algarve bike holidays! An adventurous holiday is definitely MORE fun and full of adrenaline. Book your guided bike tours with MTB Algarve and choose what suits you and your loved ones the best. No need to worry about not being an experienced biker to join the fun in Algarve! MTB Algarve got your back. Visit our website for more information on the tours and you can also rent a bike in Algarve with us!

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