Adrenaline Rush With Algarve’s MTB Road Tours & Trails!

Want to elevate your cycling activity? MTB road tours are the way to go! The experience of using a MTB  and a road bike is, of course, very different. MTB is specialized to be used on mountain trails, single track and other unpaved surfaces. They are designed to endure rougher, rocky surfaces and majority of them are never used off-pavement. Algarve is the best place to have MTB road tours, and here’s why!

Have Your MTB Road Tour In Algarve? Why?

Algarve is the southern coastline of Portugal, where it is home to beautiful white beaches and amazing bike tracks. Algarve offers many single tracks along the cliffs where it is usually very fun to ride MTBs on. Along with the fun tracks, Algarve is also home to the picturesque scenery of their waterways, one of them being the famous Ria Formosa. Algarve has the best climate to have a MTB road tour all year-round! The weather is drier and warmer than in other parts of Portugal. It offers the perfect amount of warmth accompanied with the breeze from the beaches, it will definitely make your MTB road tour so refreshing!

Not to forget the first step before starting the MTB road tour, renting the bike. Don’t you worry! Algarve has a lot of spots for bike rentals. In any part of Algarve you are, there will be a spot for you to rent. One of them being MTB Algarve. It is located in Faro, they offer a vast selection of bikes and mountain bikes are one of them! So, ready to get on some adventure? Start in Algarve!

A woman is enjoying a MTB road tour around Algarve

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MTB Road Tour Trails to get you STARTED!!

Santa Rita Route

Starting off with the easiest route which takes only about an hour and 15 minutes to complete. The distance will only be 13.6 miles with an average speed of 11 miles per hour. This route is suitable for all skill levels and fitness levels so even beginners can easily complete this route. Starting from Santa Rita which can be accessed through public transportation, about 2.2 miles ride we will reach Cacela Velha. Picturesque views of the Ria Formosa and the ocean, the fresh breeze, and magnificent landscape will pay the pedals to get there.

The next stop is the Urtypische schöne Windmühle about 6.1 miles of journey. There will be a beautiful and distinctive windmill which is authentic to the village itself. The landscape around also has the calming atmosphere to rest a bit before going back to Santa Rita. The journey back will be a 5.4 miles ride before finishing the Santa Rita route. Simple and easy ride for the family! Mountain bike rental will be perfect for you if you’re interested in this route!

Praia Grande Route

Our second recommended MTB road tour route, we call it the Praia Grande route as we will go through Praia Grande as the route highlight. This route is considered to be in the intermediate level as advanced riding skills are necessary and it will take 2 hours to complete. The starting point will be right next to the parking lot in the Hapimag Resort Albufeira. With our first stop only about 2.3 miles away, is the yacht harbor called the Albufeira Marina. Plenty of boats and a good place to stroll around. Many cafes are available for a small break or just a pit stop for the journey. The next stop is Praia do Peneco where there is an elevator to access the shore. The landscape is vast showing the ocean view, great for some pictures. Túnel da Bateria will be the next stop only 0.2 miles away, it is a castle-like building which is located very near Praia do Peneco.

The view of Albufeira Marina

The highlight of the route is the next stop, Praia Grande. The journey of 9.1 miles will bring us to a great long sandy beach with a beautiful landscape and clear water. The place itself is good for sightseeing and is really warm. The next spot will also be interesting where people need to carry their bike to see the scenery on the cliff. The location is near Praia do Gavancha which is a 2.7 trip from Praia Grande. Finally, we will reach our last stop which is the parking lot of Hapimag Resort. A quite long route but the challenge is part of the fun in this mountain biking trail. The adrenaline and thrill it gives are like no other! So go rent an MTB to go around Algarve the real way!

MTB Algarve’s Gems!!

MTB Algarve offers both guided bike tours and bike rental in the region of Faro, Algarve. One of MTB Algarve’s tours include the Unknown Road Bike Tour. A “tailor made” tour that can be scheduled accordingly to the needs and desires of each group of riders. This MTB road tour will most probably take place in cliffs and Faro’s beautiful coastlines. It will be away from the busy city and you’ll be left with outstanding scenery, perfect landscapes and challenging, fun tracks. Jump outside of your comfort zone and tailor your own guided MTB road tour!

Another tour that stands out is the Enduro tour. The tour is in the district of São Brás de Alportel where you can ride your MTBs through nature on technical single tracks. The beautiful landscape of this hidden district will make your Algarve bike holiday an amazing one! This tour is on a more difficult level, but with MTBs it will definitely be so much FUN! The minimum distance is 8km to a maximum of 30km on a tour from 4 to 6 hours with a stop at a local biker restaurant to have lunch. Book your tour with MTB Algarve now! Our guide will take you and your MTB to endure a fun MTB road tour accompanied by breath-taking scenery.

A person is riding a MTB in forest around Algarve

Prefer a non-guided MTB road tour? We also got your back! MTB Algarve is the recommended mountain bike rental in Algarve and around South Portugal. Comfort and safety is your priority when choosing the bike. Make sure that you are choosing according to what type of tracks you will be riding on. MTB road tours will of course need mountain bikes. Rent a MTB with us!

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