When Visiting Lagos, You DEFINITELY Need A Bike Rental!

Lagos is one of the many destinations in Southern Portugal to rent a bike! Seeking for a bike rental in Lagos? We got your back! MTB Algarve is the place to complete your biking activity while on holiday. We offer a vast selection of bikes, so you choose and we get it ready for you!

What about Lagos?

In the beautiful Western part of Algarve lies the city of Lagos. It is one of the most historic and unique cities that offers a rich heritage and amazing picturesque coastlines. Beautiful beaches, buzzing nightlife and outstanding tourist facilities are things to be expected when visiting Lagos. Like most cities in the region of Algarve, Lagos carries the perfect array of cultures, landscapes, and tourist facilities. Paddling around the city is probably the perfect way to enjoy the city’s scenery, atmosphere, and heritage. Bike rental in Lagos can be found around the city and you can even book online before arriving. The fact that Lagos is not where mass tourism takes place makes the city retain its distinctive and relaxing atmosphere. The cobbled streets and genuine restaurants show how Lagos has traditional Portuguese culture still intact. If you are looking for what Portuguese culture is all about, then Lagos is the perfect destination for you!

Why is a bike rental in Lagos popular? Here’s WHY!

As Lagos is known for its fascinating beaches with picturesque landscapes, Ponta da Piedade would be the first thing that we would recommend. Just a few minutes south of the old center of Lagos, the so-called ‘Portuguese natural wonder’ awaits. There are cliffs, outcrops, and stacks of red and yellow limestone that rises up to 20 meters, with rocky walls and crystal clear water below. You can walk along the cliffs to a lighthouse and walk downstairs to the shorelines. There will be boat trips where you can take a 30-minute boat trip along the cliffs and let the expert show you the grotto (small cave) and the stunning view as well as the breathtaking rock patterns. There is also another similar type of beach called Praia do Camilo just a few minutes bike ride where the beautiful beach is surrounded by magnificent cliffs, perfect for sightseeing.

The beautiful beach and dazzing cliff that you can visit by renting a bike at MTB Algarve - the best bike rental in Lagos and around Algarve

If you prefer a more relaxed and family-friendly trip then Meia Praia might be for you! Who doesn’t like a fun day at the beach, especially its beach like no other. Meia Praia extends for about 4 kilometers as the largest sandy beach in the western part of Algarve. It is simply the best beach in Lagos, with plenty of beach bars and restaurants along the beach to choose from. There is free parking, clear waters, accessible food and beverages, and beautiful scenery. What else do you need for the ultimate beach day? But if that is not enough, you and your family can go to another beach called Praia do Porto de Mos where it is similar to Meia Praia but its smaller which gives more scenery to the atmosphere. It is located only 15 minutes away from Meia Praia. All these locations would be more adventurous if you travel by bike in Lagos to get around freely, faster, and healthier. Bike rental in Lagos is a MUST! But, if being lost is an issue, a guided bike tour in Lagos and around Algarve can also be a great option for your exquisite holiday.

Families can bring their children to the zoo also in Lagos which is called Parque Zoológico de Lagos. In this zoo, you can interact with the animals as some of them roam freely. Feeding the farm animals like the sheep will definitely entertain the kids here. There are various animals and birds here where you can explore and burn some time as a family. The enrichment provided to the animals by the zoo made them happy and endangered species are being treated well in the zoo.

For an adult’s holiday, we recommend spending time in the Marina de Lagos. There are great bars and restaurants waiting with boat views. The marina has a relaxing atmosphere with benches to rest, even boat rides are available if you are interested. Overall, a very nice place to wander around with your partner.

Not just bike rental, you can also try these boats in Lagos

As we mention that Lagos still has its thick Portuguese culture intact, Centro Cultural de Lagos highlights them amazingly. This place is where people would go if they want to explore what the culture really is about. Centro Cultural de Lagos can also be called as the old city of Lagos is the historic core of Lagos where whitewashed houses on a warren of patterned streets still partially contained by its 16th-century walls. The beautiful narrow and cobbled streets, tiled buildings, forts, fountains, plazas, interesting shops, and cozy restaurants are all the unique identity of Lagos.

Rent your bike at MTB Algarve!

MTB Algarve has to be everybody’s go-to bike rental in Lagos! Rent a bike in Lagos and through the whole Algarve with MTB Algarve and enjoy the vast variety of bicycles; MTB, City, Enduro, E-Bikes, Downhill, Scooters. The vast bicycle variety will allow you to choose accordingly to suit the track that you will be riding to. Wanting to stroll around the city with a bike? MTB Algarve has just the right bike to offer you, the prices vary according to how many days you’ll be renting the bicycle. It starts from 17 euros for the city bike for a day of rental.

Moreover, MTB Algarve also offers a bike tour package where a guide will accompany your cycling activity and show you the most beautiful destinations we have in the region of Algarve. We have family-friendly tours, to a wine tour discovering the countryside of Algarve. Check MTB Algarve’s website to find out more details about the types of bike and their prices!

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