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Journey to Ria Formosa Nature Park on this 2.5-hour small group tour led by a professional guide.  Covering more than 60 kilometers of beautiful and rocky coastline, Ria Formosa Nature Park is not a place to miss.  Admire a series of amazing birds and unique flora and fauna, all while learning about the history of the park and its significance from your guide.  This is a great alternative to a simple beach vacation, for people who want to immerse themselves in Portugal’s natural beauty.

Ria Formosa Tour is a family-friendly tour for all ages (easy level) on a flat lane by the sea around Ria Formosa in the Faro area.  We adjust the tour to your speed by stopping as much as you want to take photos, drink water or just relax. Minimum miles are 8 but we can extend around 40 tours from 4 to 6 hours by stopping at the beach for lunch.

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About the guided bike tour in Ria Formosa

  • 2.5-hour small group tour at Ria Formosa Nature Park
  • Explore the beauty of this famous national park with knowledgeable guides
  • See local wildlife such as birds and other local animals
  • Admire the original flora
  • Learn about the history of this dynamic goal

Our special guide will give you a detailed introduction to the ecosystem of Ria Formosa Nature Park, and together you will explore the flora and fauna.  Spanning more than 60 km of unspoiled coastline, Ria Formosa Nature Park is an amazing sight to see and an excellent place to escape from a typical beach holiday.  The barrier system of Ria Formosa island, which protects warm water lagoons with mosaics of salt marshes, small islands and tidal mud flats. This unique environment accommodates many birds that live and migrate and offer protection for endangered species of fish, plants and animals.  Drive gently for two and a half hours, especially in flat terrain, the minimum effort needed, suitable for most people, whether or not a cyclist. And for those who are looking for more action on their vacation, we also offer a variety of mountain bike tours.

Important information

Departure point

Opposite the Faro Central Bus Terminal

Departure time

9:00 AM


2j 30m


Use a bicycle

Use a helmet

Local guide


Hotel pickup and delivery



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