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Albufeira is the largest, most beautiful and most energetic of all resort towns that line the coastline of the beautiful Algarve of Portugal in the south.  Albufeira provides stunning beaches, a beautiful climate, a large choice of restaurants, and a bustling nightlife. There is so much to love from Albufeira, and this has turned the once peaceful fishing village into the most popular holiday destination on Algarve. it offers far more than just a beautiful beach and good weather.  On charming and historic streets in the “Old Town” there are more than a hundred different restaurants and bars.

A big beautiful rock by the beach in Albufeira

Interesting places to visit and things to do after renting a bike in Albufeira

The stunning São Rafael beach
You can spend a day exploring the beaches in the Albufeira area and wherever you live, you will definitely be very close to the nearest beach. In total there are many beaches in this area to choose from, each with their own special taste and characteristics, and more than 20 of them have achieved the coveted Blue Flag status. Many beaches have restaurants and cafes, sun loungers, lifeguards and more. In summer the beach is a great place to sunbathe or cool off in the Atlantic, but in winter the beach is also amazing to walk along the sand or enjoy coffee while looking at the sea in the winter sun.

Visit the Sant’ana Church
Albufeira is rich in history and tradition and one of the most popular sites to visit is the Church of Sant’Ana. This small church shows the influence of the Moors in the past in the Algarve and is located in the big city of Jacinto d’Ayet in the old part of Albufeira. You can enter the church every day as a visitor as long as there are no services that occur.

Parasailing from Albufeira Marina
Get views of Albufeira with parasailing experience. You can join the ship individually or if there is a group of you, rent it for personal experience. Parasailing is an unforgettable way to see Albufeira from the sky and there is always the possibility of seeing one or two dolphins while you are out there. Albufeira offers a better choice of high-quality parasailing boats than other parts of the Algarve so while advance reservations are recommended you can be sure to find good choices throughout the year.

Flamingos on the beach in Albufeira

Birdwatching in the Salgados Lagoon
Far from the crowds, Albufeira offers many things if you are interested in bird watching. The Algarve is home to a vast diversity of bird life thanks to the diversity of land and coastal landscapes. Head to Salgados to see birds in the wetland lagoon area. Take a walk along the sidewalk here which will take you close enough to the lagoon to get a good view without disturbing birds in their natural habitat – and keep an eye on flamingos that can be seen at certain times of the year.

Riding near Salgados
See Albufeira from a new perspective with horseback riding around natural lagoons in the Salgados area in Albufeira. Salgados is famous for bird life and flora and you can drive at your own pace while exploring this amazing Albufeira area.


There are so many places to drive in and around Albufeira.

But if you take Ecovia from Albufeira head west and pass by Marina.  This route takes you past the nature reserve in Salgados via a troll bridge and to the strange city of Armacão (with a big fisherman’s heart) Enjoy a lunch of fresh grilled fish at Ze Leiteiro.

Whether for an active holiday or just to relax, rent a bike in Albufeira is an eco-friendly and environmentally way to see some of the normally unseen sight of Albufeira, biking is also a deep way to get to know people, food, culture and history of Albufeira, Algarve.

Are you interested in riding a bike in Albufeira? Contact MTB Algarve team for more information about bike rental in Albufeira and let’s try our special road tour into the unknown part of Algarve too.

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