Bike rental in Algarve

If you are looking for the best bike rental in Algarve.

MTB Algarve is definetely the best bike rental and guided tours in Algarve, Portugal.

MTB Algarve has several bike tours and bike rental around Algarve. Self-guided routes that are easily accessible will help you discover the hidden gems of the Algarve by bike.

MTB Algarve bike rental is located in Faro and Faro is the heart of Portugal! The distant blue lagoon, beautiful footpaths to go through, cafes nestled between busy streets and history around every corner give visitors a spell.

Today, the city of Faro finds its strength in rich historic complexes, beautiful yet exotic nature, and crazy tourism services throughout the year!  The entire Algarve region in Portugal is like a throne to Faro and the city has a unique attraction, the experience is only complete by exploring the whole region by rent a bike in Faro or you can also book a Ria Formosa Tour with MTB Algarve.

Whether you want to visit Faro for a stopover or as a complete holiday destination rent a bike in Faro is definitely one of the best ways to explore this stunning region, this place will surely captivate you with its enchanting beauty, history of grandeur and electrification of energy.

Book one of MTB Algarve bike tours for an unforgettable experience.

We have several tour options at reasonable prices for you to do while visiting the algarve, Portugal.

Some of the most popular tours are :

Ria Formosa Tour


The Ria Formosa Tour is a family friendly tour for all ages (easy level) on a flat off road course by the sea around the ria formosa in the Faro area. We adapt the Ria Formosa Tour to your pace with as many stops as you want to take photos, drink water or just to relax.

Starting from €24.50/person!

Falésia Tour

tour falesia

The Falésia Tour is a family friendly tour for all ages (medium level) around the Albufeira cliffs and countryside. We adapt the Falésia Tour to your pace with as many stops as you want to take photos, drink water or just to relax.

Starting from €24.50/person!

Enduro Tour


The Enduro Tour is a tour in São Brás de Alportel where we will explore the nature trough technical single tracks with a beautiful landscape. Depending on the client’s level of skill we can upgrade the difficult and even add some air time.

Starting from €52.50/person!

Wine Tour


Discover our countryside, with a ride on the heart of Serra do Caldeirao, passing on the water route Font of Benemola ,finish the ride on Quinta da Tôr (wine experience).

Starts at Wine & Beer, Largo S.Sebastião, São Brás de Alportel and finishes at Quinta da Tôr, Loule.

Starting from €55.00/person!

Those are some of the bike tours in Algarve we have, you can also customize you own with us. Plan it now, contact us and we will be happy to arrange the tour according to what you want.

MTB Algarve bike rental has a large selection of well maintained bikes such as MTB / City bikes, Carbon road bikes, Enduro / Downhill, E-Bikes, Enduro E-Bikes and Tandem bikes, you can choose which bike you want, all the prices are very reasonable starting from 17.00 € / day for MTB / City bike.

However rent a bike in Faro can be a setting for extraordinary biking adventures and rent a bike in Faro is also the best way to see unusually seen sights of Faro, a deep way to get to know people , food, culture and history of Faro, Portugal.

You can choose the bike that suits you best and which one is available for rent. If you’re not sure which bike is good for you, let us know, we will be happy to help you choose the one that suits you perfectly!

Just in case you’re wondering why you should rent a bike in Faro and guided tours with us?

MTB Algarve is the only bike rental in the Algarve that has good quality bikes, an experienced guide, a very flexible team who will be very happy to help, show you around the area and explain the history behind each tour.

Book your bike now! Book one of MTB Algarve Bike Guided Tours to meet one of our fantastic local guides.

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