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The capital city of Algarve is a versatile city that will attract people for various reasons.  As a coastal city, it’s easy to enjoy the eternal pleasures of sunshine, beaches, bars and delicious seafood.  But there is also a rare natural environment off the coast, a lagoon with a maze of waterways between islands. The Ria Formosa, known as a habitat for the most diverse and colorful bird life that you can see, and shellfish cultivated in these waters doesn’t have to travel far to enticing seafood restaurants in Faro.  In addition, being captured inside the ancient walls of Faro is a peaceful old town full of famous city landmarks.

Breathtaking buildings in the city of Faro, Algarve

After renting a bike, here are some places to ride in and around Faro

Faro Cathedral

This monument began in 1251, only two years after Faro had been “recruited” from the Moors. That explains the appearance of a warlike facade, dominated by square Gothic towers, one of several things that originated in the early years of the cathedral. You can climb this tower to look at the streets and the Faro lagoon. The rest of the building had changed due to attacks by Britain in 1596, destroying almost everything. In the 17th and 18th centuries the interior was enriched with luxurious gold-plated wood panels and stylish tile panels. The side altar and chapel sparkled with gold, and the choir walls had multi-colored azulejos.

Arco da Vila

In 1812, Faro’s old seaside gate was given a striking Neoclassical redesign. This was done by Italian architect Francisco Xavier Fabri, who gave an extraordinary welcome to Faro’s sailors. There are pediments, stair railings, hanging tops and bell towers, above which are permanent cranes. Right above the portal you can see the statue of St Thomas Aquinas in a niche. This opening on the Faro wall goes back to the Moors, and when you pass through the gate the 1,000-year-old rocks are still visible.

Cidade Velha

You can use this arch at the marina to enter the old city of Faro, which is day and night compared to other parts of the city. This enclave is much quieter, with the calçada portuguesa, white painted houses with terracotta tile roofs and isolated small squares where you can find remote restaurants. Make a beautiful square in front of the cathedral, which has a row of orange trees. The episcopal palace on this square is the former home of bishops and dates Faro to the 16th century. Sometimes there is an exhibition inside, and you have to enter to see the oriental-style library and the staircase decorated with tiles.

Two bikes on a boat by the beach in Faro

Ria Formosa Cruise

Faro Beach is a nature reserve that protects a large lagoon that stretches along the coast for 60 kilometers. Ria Formosa is a place of natural splendor and a traditional way of life guarded. The bird life is as rich as it can be and includes flamingos, razorbill, spoonbill, storks, ospreys, stilts, calves, and reddish purple swamphen. You can take a nature tour on an old tuna fishing barge, and be able to catch a glimpse of traditional industries; some fishermen still use Portuguese seals, and you will see large farms planting shells, oysters and shellfish.

Ilha da Culatra

The outermost islands of the lagoon are trimmed with golden sand beaches. And because the only way to reach them is by boat, these beaches are truly pure. On calmer days there were no signs of human life outside the lighthouse and isolated small communities in Ilha da Culatra. You can take a ferry to Ilha da Culatra, or see Ilha Barreta (also known as Ilha Deserta) on a boat trip. And if you prefer to spend all day on the beach, you can also arrange delivery and pick-up at certain times with the motorboat company.

Igreja do Carmo

Built in the mid-18th century, this church is one of the most valuable historical monuments on the Algarve. It has all the advantages of Portuguese baroque architecture, and the best sculptors in the region were recruited to make gold-plated wood. Look at the stained glass and tilework in it, before moving to the creepy ossuary of the church. Capela dos Ossos (Bone Chapel) dates from 1816 and displays the bones of more than 1,200 monks from the Carmelite cemetery. They coat walls and safes to remind worshipers of the mortal nature of human existence. Cycling in Faro is one of the most fun ways to explore more parts of the Algarve. And there are so many popular cycling routes in Faro.

Whether for an active holiday or just to relax, rent a bike in Faro is an eco-friendly and environmentally way to see some of the normally unseen sight of Faro, biking is also a deep way to get to know people, food, culture and history of Faro, Algarve.

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