Why Should You Need A Bike Rental in Tavira?

Get your cycling experience in Tavira, with us! We are ready to equip you with the perfect bike according to your needs. Bike rental in Tavira with MTB Algarve and receive special prices from us! We offer a selection of bikes that you can choose from to suit your ride.

A hint about Tavira!

One of the true gems of Algarve, the city of Tavira. One of the most historic and prettiest towns in the area, its Moorish, Reconquista, and Renaissance origins vibrate throughout the whole town until today, especially in the various churches. It is located in the eastern of Algarve, approximately 30 km east of Faro. Tavira is also home to beautiful beaches, so you can surely admire the spectacular scenery of the water body. Rent a bike in Tavira and enjoy its historical heritage, beautiful beaches, and great weather!

Enjoy bike riding in Tavira

Renting a bike in Tavira is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on! Tavira area receives fewer visitors than the central or western Algarve and offers a holiday experience that is more quiet and relaxed. A comfortable and unhurried destination is definitely perfect for cycling, Tavira is a mix of a true Portuguese heritage with modern tourist amenities and facilities.

Explore the historic centre of Tavira

Tavira is greatly influenced by Moorish culture and has left with historical monuments placed throughout the town. Rent a bike in Tavira and cycle through the authentic historic centre which consists of 36 churches, the ruins of the castle and the delightful tiled houses of the fisherman’s quarter. There are many beautiful plazas, riverside walks and streets full of restaurants and cafes along with the historical sights. You can witness a medieval castle called Castelo de Tavira and Igreja de Santa Maria do Castelo, a church that is classified as a National Monument. Explore the Portuguese culture by cycling in Tavira, a relaxing and joyful holiday activity indeed!

The beautiful view and the charming town of Tavira, Portugal

Photo by Tuergeist via Flickr

Enjoy Tavira’s beautiful beaches! 

There is a pristine shoreline with sandy beaches and clear turquoise seas in Tavira. The beaches are found on the southern side of the Ilha de Tavira island. Tavira’s biggest beach is Praia de Tavira, which is on the eastern edge of Ilha de Tavira, there’s also Santa Luzia which is situated behind the sandbar of Ilha de Tavira. While the quiet beaches of Praia do Barril and Praia da Terra Estreita are farther west. These beaches, which are ideal for children, are quiet and clean.

Have a bike tour in Tavira to Santa Luzia! Santa Luzia is 3km away from Tavira, the ride will begin from Ecovia then you can get up at Pedras del Rei, a village belonging to Santa Luzia. By entering this village, you will see on your right old wooden houses, where the fishermen store their fishing materials. On the main avenue enjoy the landscape of Ria Formosa, a protected area with Nature Reserve.

Have a bike rental in Tavira! Here’s how!

After getting you so excited by the beautiful places in Tavira, now let us prepare you for your bike rental in Tavira. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a bike:

  1. Bike route
  2. Bike type that suits the track
  3. Bike sizes

Tavira’s attractions and gems are fairly located in the town with cobbled streets and easy flat off-road when going to the beach, here you identified your bike route! Moving on. when strolling through these streets, the city bikes would be the most perfect bike to choose! City bikes are also known as commuter bikes, they are used for practical, day-to-day use with little to no challenge. This bike doesn’t need proper biking costumes, they can be used easily with casual clothing to get from one attraction to another. Strolling around town is perfect with this bike!

People enjoying a bike tour with MTB Alagrve, the best bike rental in Tavira and around Algarve

Photo by MTB Algarve

However, if you would like to have a bike tour in Tavira where the tracks are more difficult and out of town, you can choose hybrid bikes. These rides offer the best of both road bikes and mountain bikes. Their large seats and upright handlebars make them comfortable for a city ride, but they’re also hardy enough to handle unpaved roads. Bike rentals in Tavira such as MTB Algarve will assist you regarding the bike sizes, they will help you determine the size you need to avoid an uncomfortable and dangerous ride.

Bike rental in Tavira with MTB Algarve!

Bike rental in Tavira? Choose MTB Algarve! We are ready to prepare you for a nice ride within the historical and charming town of Tavira. We offer multiple bike selections for you to choose from according to which route you’ll take! Our prices are charged depending on the types of bikes and how many days you’ll be renting it for. Visit our website now, to book your ride!

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