Enjoy The Best Bike Tour in Faro, Portugal

Explore the South of Portugal through bike tours in Algarve. Algarve boasts a vast array of natural attractions, its authentic charm wins over other destinations. It offers outstanding geographical conditions, climate, diversity of the rails and tracks, and the wealth of its culture. One of the most unique and beautiful tracks lies in the city of Faro. Start your bike tour in Faro to encounter amazing cycling routes!

Faro’s Authenticity: Why choose to have a bike tour in Faro?

Faro is the southernmost city in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. It has maintained its traditional and ancient charm which adds to its city’s allure. Faro is blessed with the best climate for bikers, sunny all year-round! It is surrounded by white beaches and beautiful coastlines to paddle through.

Rent a bike in Faro and cycle off from Algarve to witness the Portuguese historical behinds and feel the Portuguese culture. Their medieval essence to the area gives every bike tour in Faro a unique touch, exploring through the archways with historical monuments is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Faro also has a handful of outstanding cycling routes to offer. As exciting it is to hear, visiting and cycling in Faro is a MUST! And you count on MTB Algarve for your #1 bike rentals in Faro.

Here the best routes to have a bike tour in and around Faro!

Ria de Formosa
One of the most famous bike routes in Faro is by the Ria Formosa lagoon. The route by Ria Formosa is mostly flat paved surfaces which is suitable for all ages. It is also famous for its family/group friendly tour as it is an intermediary bike ride, where no fitness level requirements are needed to endure the tour. The Ria Formosa route will take about 4 hours minimum with a distance of above 50 km. Imagine having a bike tour in Faro overlooking the beautiful blue sea of Ria Formosa, the perfect way to relieve stress and also maintain your fitness and health.

People are enjoying a bike tour in Faro and stopping around RIa Formosa lagoon

Just up-north from the centre of Faro is Algarve’s biggest municipality. It is where you can find their most traditional villages, the Loulé route will allow you to discover the essence of Portuguese culture, the friendliness of the local people and the extraordinary beauty of the scenery. It is uphill and downhill all the way from Loulé towards São Brás de Alportel, to ride up to São Romão and, from there, back down to the peaceful village of Querença. This bike tour around Faro will be a relaxing and enjoyable ride as you will be surrounded by Portuguese traditional buildings. The route from Loule to Querença will be a little more challenging as it has up and downhills, however, it is still an intermediate bike tour ride. The distance is about 10 km but you can definitely continue until Parragil.

The best time to paddle through Faro and around Algarve

Imagine yourself in your chosen route, enjoying the perfect weather while paddling through the gems of Algarve. Algarve has the best climate to have a bike tour all year-round but, it is always better to visit or ride a bike in Faro and around in the best timing possible!

From early March to June in Portugal, the sun gives just the perfect amount of warmth and it will not be too hot. However, the temperatures and the weather varies depending on which region of Portugal it is. Algarve is located in the South of Portugal where it is warmer and drier.

The best time to book a bike tour in Faro could vary according to your preferred season, the spring or the fall season is the most suitable for cycling. The flower blooms in mid-May to mid-June, the fields are covered with wild colourful flowers in spring creating a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere to cycle indeed! In September to mid-November comes fall, where the heat is not so intense and the rain will only come at the end of November.

You can visit Algarve beach by renting a bike in Faro or trying a bike tour in Faro

Book a bike tour with MTB Algarve!

MTB Algarve offers a good deal of Algarve bike tours. Ria De Formosa, as mentioned above, is one of our best packages as it is family-friendly, suitable for all ages and offers breathtaking scenery of the beautiful sea of Algarve. Rent a bike in Faro with us to have various options that suit your wants and occasion. Booking a bike tour in Faro is a MUST when visiting Algarve. We will give you the best experience in discovering the heart of South Portugal. We will be pleased to accompany your leisure time in Algarve and give you the BEST bike tour!

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