Start Your Holiday in Algarve with A Bike Tour!

There are a lot of sights awaiting you in the Algarve. Portugal’s most magnificent coastline is home to high-quality beaches, golden cliffs, and buzzing cities rich in history and authenticity. MTB Algarve believes that the best way to start your adventure is by renting a bike tour! Renting an Algarve bike tour will save you the hassle and confusion of not having a clear set of planned activities. We will take care of that for you, while you can get busy enjoying every part of your holiday!

A Brief Geography of Our Unique Region

Algarve is the perfect destination for anyone wanting a taste of the beauty of Portugal. The coastal areas of the Algarve are not short of glittering, white sand beaches to explore. To the east of Faro, one of Algarve’s largest towns, the coast is low. This area consists of calm lagoons that invite you for a refreshing swim. To the west of Faro, you can find beautiful beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, with magnificent golden cliffs looming above you. These different beaches are typically located close to each other. So bike rentals can be convenient as a method of transportation. 

The central Algarve is called the Barrocal. It consists of beautiful outdoor sceneries of massive open lands, hills, and vegetation. In some parts of the Barrocal area, the ground has a natural red tinge that complements the Mediterranean vibe and aesthetic you are looking for in a cycling holiday in Portugal!

Past the Barrocal area, you can find mountain ranges teeming with wildlife and a more traditional side to the Algarve. You can explore these traditional and authentic parts of the Algarve away from the bustling tourist towns. Wildlife enthusiasts can also explore and enjoy these spectacular terrains by parking their vehicles in easily accessible parking places and go off on a hike or a thrilling cycling adventure.

A person is enjoying the view of Algarve while taking a rest in between bike tour

Scenic and Fun Places to Visit in Algarve

Praia Da Rocha
Rent a bike and cycle along this beautiful white sand beach or get a seat at one of the numerous venues at the boardwalk. Praia Da Rocha is always bustling with good energy and lots of fun! Between the entertainment of the bars and restaurants and the dramatic limestone formations’ scenic beauty, Praia Da Rocha could easily be the best start to your memorable adventure in Algarve.

Ria Formosa
For a more relaxing day out, you can pay a visit to the Ria Formosa lagoons’ barrier islands. Take in the splendid nature as you watch thousands of migratory birds resting on the islands. Or rent an Algarve bike tour for a fun time through Ria Formosa, tailored to your interests.

Faro Cathedral
When you feel tired of the Algarve sun and beaches, you can pay a visit to Faro town and seek its antique Cathedral. Originally built in 1251, the interior is rich with beautiful marble inlays and tiles, woodwork, and colorful stained glass.

Castle of Silves
Renting a bike in Algarve allows you to explore Silves’ bustling town, where the Castle of Silves dominates. This medieval castle was built with red-colored bricks and hosted an exciting history. It also provides numerous towers to climb for stunning scenery of the countryside from the top.

Museo de Portimao
After you have completely fallen for this spectacular Portuguese region, you might want to learn some local history for some more insight on this newly-cultivated love. Museo de Portimao is a heritage museum that gives you a short but informative tour of the history of Portimao town’s old canning and fishing industry. The subject may sound boring, but the beautiful museum and the excellent displays exceed this.

People are enjoying Algarve with a bike tour in Faro and stopping around RIa Formosa lagoon

Best Algarve Bike Tour

Ria Formosa Tour
This family-friendly tour is provided by MTB Algarve. It can be achieved by people of any age and at any level of cycling. The route is mostly on flat land and will go around the Ria Formosa Lagoon. We will match this bike guided tour to your own pace with breaks as needed for pictures, a drink of water, or even just to relax and take in the stunning scenery of the systemic barrier islands of Ria Formosa. At lunchtime, the tour will stop at the beach for an extended break and some food. 

Wine Tour
Rent an Algarve bike tour with MTB Algarve for other exciting tours, like the Wine Tour. Cycle through the countryside of Serra do Caldeirao and continue toward the water route of Font of Benemola. Then arriving finally in the vineyard of Quinta da Tor for a delicious wine tasting experience surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Mediterranean countryside.

Algarve’s Capital City
If you are not into guided tours and want to take the exploring into your own hands, then there are lots of beautiful routes to take in the Algarve. You can explore the capital city of Algarve, Faro, that is rich with tradition and history. Go around the city as you inspect every pathway and corridors looking for hidden gems. Then when you are tired of your adventure, you can head off to the nearest beach and relax in the sun.

A woman is visiting Algarve and enjoying a mountain bike tour


Book an Algarve Bike Tour with MTB Algarve!

If you are interested in cycling around Algarve, we have the perfect way for you to get access to bike rentals in Algarve! MTB Algarve provides bikes for hire and guided bike tours. We are located in the capital city, Faro, so come stop by for a bike rental before taking off on your adventure around the beautiful Algarve!

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