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Fifteen minutes drive from Faro Airport, a small town called Almancil is very pleasant and typical of the Algarve. The neighboring village of São Lourenço offers a church decorated with distinctive blue tiles that tell the life story of its patron saint, an example of this azulejo work that is very famous for its age, dating from 1730, and the fact that it was associated with one of the azulejo masters in at that time, Policarpo de Oliveira. Just a stone throw from the church is the center of local culture, which for many years organized various art exhibitions and musical performances. Local pottery is also widely known.

After renting a bike, you can visit these amazing places in Almancil

São Lourenço Church in Almancil

São Lourenço Church
The Church of São Lourenço is the Church in the civil parish of Almancil, in the municipality of Loulé in the Portuguese Algarve.

Beach Trafal
Trafal Beach is located in Quarteira. Plan your visit to Trafal Beach and many other attractions, which are famous and have not been found

Ancão Beach
Praia do Ancão is a popular place for water sports and there are a variety of choices offered; from water skiing and wakeboarding to boarding and rowing.

Vale do Lobo Beach
Praia de Vale do Lobo beach in the south of the Algarve is one kilometer away. Surrounded by luxurious holiday complexes, on this beach you will find ideal conditions for an extraordinary relaxing bathing day. Beautiful restaurants serving food and drinks. The cozy beach bar provides a relaxing atmosphere on the beach with cool cocktails and hot beats. Walking in both directions will take you to a quieter area surrounded by fantastic red cliff backgrounds and fantastic white sand.

The beautiful panorama at Garrão Nascente beach

Garrão Nascente Beach
At Garrão, the cliff line gave way to a large mound field that stretched to the sandy barrier island of Ria Formosa, not far from here. The beach stretches along two valleys separated by low cliffs: Dunas Douradas Lagoon is located in the valley to the west, while the smaller and trivial Laguna Garrão can be found in the valley to the east.

However biking in and around Almancil is a great way to explore this beautiful city because it’s very suitable for beginners or expert riders, there are many options for cycling.

You can also biking around the beach such as Praia do Garrao and Praia do Ancão – both with some good beach restaurants and in the
neighboring village of São Lourenço, this church is worth a visit.

Whether for active holidays or just to relax, rent a bike in Almancil is ecological and eco-friendly way to see some of the normally unseen sights of Almancil and biking will also allow you to get to know people, food and culture and history of Almancil, Algarve.

Are you interested in riding a bike in Almancil? Contact MTB Algarve team for more information about bike rental in Almancil and try our special road tour into the unknown part of Algarve.

Let’s ride a bike in Algarve today.

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