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Carvoeiro is a fantastic destination for visitors who want a quiet and relaxing vacation, in a city that has character and charm.  The peaceful and friendly atmosphere of Carvoeiro makes it an ideal location for families during summer or for retirees outside the peak months.  The majority of tourists visit Carvoeiro purely for a relaxing beach holiday, but there is a surprising amount to see and do in the surrounding region.  These include historic cities to explore, challenging hiking trails, exciting boat tours, or the sensation of theme areas and water parks in the region.

A small village behind the coastline in Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro offers so many things and is a perfect blend of Portuguese heritage with modern holiday facilities and services.  This article will provide an introduction to Carvoeiro for visitors who are considering a vacation to this beautiful city.

Carvoeiro is an Algarve fishing village which is a tourist center located five kilometers south of Lagoa. Built on steep red sea cliffs, this once very attractive village has mushroomed since the 1960s to accommodate (especially in self-contained apartment blocks) hordes of tourists who come every summer to enjoy the sun and escape from the bustle of cities like as Lagoa, Albufeira and Portimao.

Supported by hills, Carvoeiro is centered around a beautiful bay with sandy and sheltered beaches, although it becomes very busy in high season. Better and quieter beaches can be found nearby at Praia do Centianes and Benagil. The village (technically a city since 2001) was previously known as Praia do Carvoeiro.

A village or a city where you can rent and ride a bike in Carvoeiro

The name is thought to originate from ‘Caboiere’, the old word for the hamlet fishermen of Medieval Islam. Carvoeiro has a colorful history of pirates and naval attacks, stretching back to Roman times. The most famous battle occurred in 1544 between the Portuguese fleet and the famous Turkish pirate, Xarramet.

To the west of the city is an old ruined fortress, which was built in 1670 as part of the coastal defenses of the Algarve. Very few of the fortresses survive even though this site is also home to the temple of Nossa Senhora, a chapel overlooking the sea that is said to be a pre-dated fort.

One kilometer east of the coast is the impressive Algar Seco rock formation. The steps cut off the dusty cliffs lead to a series of dramatic hanging over punch holes and caves.

There are so many beautiful places to drive in and around Carvoeiro that will allow you to see this beautiful and charming city.

Whether for an active holiday or just to relax, rent a bike in Carvoeiro is an eco-friendly and environmentally way to see some of the normally unseen sight of Carvoeiro, biking is also a deep way to get to know people, food, culture and history of Carvoeiro, Algarve.

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