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Planning to visit Faro in the near future?

Rent a bike in Faro is the best way to enjoy Faro. Let’s rent one of ours while spending your vacation in Faro, Portugal.

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The capital of the Algarve has a clearer Portuguese feel than most resort cities. Many tourists just pass this underrated city, which is unfortunate, because it makes a pleasant stopover. Rent a bike in Faro is the best way to explore this old town because It still has an attractive marina, well-kept gardens and plazas, and the beautiful velha cidade (old town) is surrounded by medieval walls. The cobbled, winding pedestrian streets, squares and city buildings were reconstructed in various styles following successive doughs – first by British robberies and then by two large earthquakes – and were home to museums, bone chapel, churches and al fresco cafe.

After renting a bike, here are some of the best things to do in Faro, Portugal

Ria Formosa Tour

Bike guided tour in Ria Formosa

Faro is the only gateway to Ria Formosa Natural Park and the stunning sandy islands that surround this protected area. Ria Formosa is a series of lagoons and saltwater trails that stretch from Faro in the west to Tavira in the east, and is a haven for saltwater life and bird life. The designation of a natural park not only protects wild animals, but also protects small fishing communities that rely on sustainable and traditional fishing methods which would otherwise be lost due to mass development.

The best way to explore Ria Formosa is to book our Ria Formosa Tour. Ria Formosa Tour is a family-friendly tour for all ages (easy level) in the flat road course by the sea around Ria Formosa in the Faro region. We adjust the tour to your speed by stopping as much as you want to drink water,  take photos or just to relax.

The minimum Km is 8 but we can extend about 40 on a tours from 4 to 6 hours by stopping at the beach for lunch.

Starting from € 24.50/person! Book your Ria Formosa Tour with us and enjoy Faro until your last moment.

Falesia Tour

Falesia tour

Imagine cycling around the beach with you love ones!  Join our Falesia tour which allows you to see your beloved beach and is marked by its extraordinary red cliffs.  Actually, the translation of the beach is Beach of Cliffs. Falesia Tour is one of the best bike tours in Faro, Portugal.  Even if you are not a beach lover, this tour is definitely worth to join.

The Falesia Tour is a family-friendly tour for all ages (middle level) around the cliffs and countryside of Albufeira.  We adjust the tour to your speed by stopping as much as you want to drink water, take photos or just to relax.

The minimum Km is 8 but we can extend about 40 on a tour of 5 hour by stopping at a local restaurant for lunch. 

Starting from € 24.50/person!  Book your Falesia tour with us and enjoy Faro until your last moment.

Ria Formosa Boat Tour

Ria Formosa Boat Tour

Look, listen, and feel the nature on a solar powered boat. This is the best way to be in harmony with this amazing environment, as you approach hundreds of migratory birds that visit Ria Formosa every year.

You will find a complete self-regeneration ecosystem, which allows part of the local population to develop fisheries and shellfish production. It provides all the ingredients for a variety of migratory bird which continues to return to this area year after year.

Praia de Faro

Praia de Faro, the beautiful beach that you can ride in and around after renting a bike in Faro

This beach is one that you can get to by road. It’s just past the airport, and you can use a public transport such as bus that serves the airport from the Faro centre to get there. Like the beaches on the Formosan Ria islands, there is endless pure golden sand with knee-high waves.

Where the road crosses the lagoon there is a clutch of bars and hotels, so you will not lack facilities in a crowded area. But if you value seclusion, you don’t need to walk too far before you are in an empty spot.

Palácio de Estói

Palácio de Estói

Close to Roman ruins is a luxurious palace that began in 1840. The style is a type of Rococo potpourri: The interior has frescoes framed by many moulded stucco, and the terraced garden has monumental steps and cute pavilions in blue and white azulejo panels.

The whole site was in ruins until a few years ago when it was restored and reopened sensitively as a pousada (heritage hotel).  But travelers who are still traveling can still come for a guided tour of the palace and its beautiful gardens.

Muralhas de Faro

Muralhas de Faro

The walls that continue to surround the compact old city have primitive, pre-Roman origins. During this empire they were upgraded, and then restored twice during the Moorish period in the 9th and later 12th century.

This second phase, during the Almohad Caliphate, gave us Arco do Repouso, which was still standing. Along with Arco da Porta Nova and Arco da Vila, this was one of the three gateways used in the Middle Ages. See if you can find tile panels mounted in front of walls and tell of events such as the liberation of the city in 1249 by Afonso III.

Island Beaches

Island Beaches

The outer islands of the lagoon are pruned with golden sandy beaches. And because the only way to reach the islands is by boat, these beaches are truly pristine. On calmer days there are no signs of human life outside the lighthouse and isolated small community in Ilha da Culatra.

You can take the ferry to Ilha da Culatra, or see Ilha Barreta (also known as Ilha Deserta) on a boat trip. And if you prefer to spend all day at the beach, you can also arrange drop off and pickup at certain times with a motorboat company.

Those are the best things to do in Faro according to MTB Algarve.

However rent a bike in Faro can be a setting for extraordinary biking adventures and rent a bike in Faro is also the best way to see unusually seen sights of Faro, a deep way to get to know people , food, culture and history of Faro, Portugal.

You can choose the bike that suits you best and available for rent. If you’re not sure which bike is good for you, contact MTB Algarve team and let us know! You can choose any bicycle at our bike rentals in Faro and you can also try a special road tour into the unknown part of Algarve.

Let’s ride a bike in Algarve today! We will be happy to help you choose the bike that suits you perfectly 🙂


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