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MTB Algarve is one of the best places to rent a bike in Lagos.  We are not only offering the best price for bike rental in Lagos, Algarve, but we are also providing a wide selection of bikes.  You can choose any bike that suits you and we can provide you with customized guided tours around Lagos and Algarve too.

Lagos is known as its walled old town, cliffs and relaxing beaches.  A steep wooden staircase leads to the bay of Praia do Camilo. The closest cliffs in Ponta de Piedade offer views of the wide cape and lighthouse.  Igreja de Santo António, an ornate 18th-century church, is located opposite the Castelo dos Governadores, a castle with a baroque facade and a watchtower.

After renting a bike, here are some places to ride in and around Lagos

Ponta Da Piedade

A portuguese natural wonders wait on a promontory a few minutes south of the old center of Lagos. Ponta da Piedade has cliffs, outcrops and piles of red and yellow limestone that rise 20 meters high, with gnarled walls and transparent water glittering beneath. If you come by boat or kayak tour from the marina in Lagos, you will be able to pass the natural arch and enter the cave. But walking is almost as impressive as when you will descend from a ladder on the cliff, while at its peak the view from this promontory reaches Cape St Vincent in the west.

People enjoying the beautiful Ponta Da Piedade

Praia Do Camilo

Not an ordinary day on the beach, Praia do Camilo next to Ponta da Piedade is an extraordinary bay at the foot of an ocher-colored cliff. It’s an adventure just to get there because you have to go down about 200 steps on a safe wooden staircase engraved on a rock. Before heading down, make sure to pause and enjoy the golden sands of the blue ocean and the charming red and yellow colors of the rocks. The water is as calm as possible, and you can swim around or walk through natural tunnels to the neighboring bay. And when the tide falls you can walk to the caves in the bay.

Meia Praia

Starting on the left bank of Bensafrim is a beach that is almost no different from the rocky bay on the other side of Lagos. Meia Praia is a large, soft curve around the bay for six kilometers to Alvor Lagoon. There is a vast arch of luxury sand which because of its thin size never feels too crowded. It edged by the dunes and rack gently into the water. The current is a little stronger, and the water is slightly cooler than at bay, but still good for children.

Mercado De Escravos

The historic core of Largos has been to coat houses on patterned streets which are still partially contained by 16th century walls. This is best seen on Jardim da Constituição by water, protecting the seat of the Governor of the Algarve province when Lagos was the capital between 1576 and 1756. Nearby there was a monument to the bleak period of the city’s historical period; Mercado de Escravos was the Lagos slave market for around 250 years from 1444, and is a reminder that the Age of Discovery has human costs. One of the heroes of that period was Henry the Navigator, whose expedition departed from the port in Lagos in the 15th century. He was commemorated by a statue in Praça Infante D. Henrique.

The dazzling cliffs of Praia De Dona Ana in Lagos

Praia De Dona Ana

One of the closest beaches to the old center of Lagos is also there with the best in the area. Praia de Dona Ana only rises from Praia do Camilo and is framed by the dazzling cliffs, colored in yellow and red. There are also outcrops at the edge of the water and out at bay, bringing some additional drama to the scenery. Praia de Dona Ana is a wide beach, with a slight blend of golden sand and shells. And the waters are almost always calm thanks to the protection of the rocks and the eastern aspect.

There are so many places to ride in and around Lagos.

The first one is the one that snaked around the cliff top of Ponta da Piedade and headed to Luz, Burgau and Salema.  In this place you will be amazed by the amazing views of the coastline and the sea below, and have time to soak in the sea.

The second one is along the road behind Meia Praia beach to Ria de Alvor.  There are many paths and dirt roads for riders of all levels. And if you are looking for something a little more extreme, we’d suggest a trip to Monchique.  Serra de Monchique is the center of mountain biking on Algarve.

Whether for an active holiday or just to relax, rent a bike in Lagos is an eco-friendly and environmentally way to see some of the normally unseen sight of Lagos, biking is also a deep way to get to know people, food, culture and history of Lagos, Algarve.

Are you interested in riding a bike in Lagos? Contact MTB Algarve team for more information about bike rental in Lagos and try our special road tour into the unknown part of Algarve.

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