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Loulé is a pleasant city that offers interesting tourist attractions, traditional Portuguese markets and a pleasant historic center. Loulé is one of the few destinations in the Algarve whose main focus is not tourism. It’s a city full of ordinary Portuguese who live their daily lives.

Loulé usually has a peaceful and unhurried atmosphere that allows you to enjoy the city while biking, but the city comes alive on Saturday mornings, when the daily market develops to enter the farmers market, and spills into the streets around it. Also held on Saturday is a crowded and chaotic gypsy market held near the Convento Do Santo Antonio, on the west side of Loulé.

While riding a bike, you can visit these amazing places in Loulé

Castle of Loulé
Although it seems like a typical medieval fortress today, the story of Loulé castle began more than 2,000 years ago. At this time was Castro, a defensive settlement of the Bronze Age, and then a trading post for Phoenicians and Carthage. Then the Romans were responsible, and after that the Visigoths, while the Moors took over in 715 when the fortress began to take on its current appearance. There is a branch of the city museum inside, re-creating the medieval kitchen of the castle and showing various findings from archaeological excavations. And of course you can’t miss the opportunity to climb 14th and 15th century fortresses and turn your eyes to the city like a medieval guard.

The view of Mercado de Loulé

Mercado de Loulé
Both are inseparable daily facilities and a beautiful monument, the Loulé market hall can be mistaken for a Moorish palace from the outside. This structure is from 1908 and has curved arches and towers with oriental domes outside. This gave way to a very large metal and glass room, with rows of stalls along a central hallway several hundred meters long. Get there as early as possible for fresh produce and talented craftsmen products, while there are also separate rooms for fish and seafood captured just hours before.

Beautiful beach and dazzling cliffs of Praia da Falésia in Loulé

Praia da Falésia
Both sides of the marina in Vilamoura are miles and miles of beaches with fine golden sand. The closest to the west is the Blue Flag-rated Praia da Falésia, which is surrounded by reddish cliffs and lasts 5.5 kilometers. In autumn and winter these stones are used by rain and wind to feed the sand on the beach, and it is not unusual to see small sand dunes at the base of a cliff. As for water, he only has a moderate and swimming-friendly flow because there are no rocks hiding in the waves.

Golf Courses
Millennium Golf Course. Golf-hungry visitors should package their clubs when they come to this part of the Algarve. The benefit of being in the largest tourist complex in Europe is that you will have no fewer than five golf courses in your backyard. This is the Vila Sol field, which has 27 holes and is connected to male resorts, Millennium Golf Course, Victoria Golf Course, Laguna Golf Course and finally Pinhal Golf Course. There is no greater concentration of golf clubs throughout the Algarve, and you have different options for each working day. And if you extend your fingers to the entire city of Loulé there are more than ten to choose from, all within 15 minutes.

However biking in and around Loulé is a great way to explore this beautiful city as it’s suitable for beginners or expert riders, there are many options for cycling.

Whether for active holidays or just to relax, rent a bike in Loulé is an ecological and eco-friendly way to see some of the normally unseen sights of Loulé and biking will also allow you to get to know people, food and culture and history of Loulé, Algarve.

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