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Tavira is a beloved holiday destination that combines stunning beaches with Portuguese culture.  Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities of Algarve, you will find a unique blend of traditional architecture with Moorish influences.  Sometimes it’s also called Venice of Algarve. This historic city with beautiful plazas and cobbled streets has everything you need for a pleasant holiday.  After reading this article, you will become a tour guide when visiting Tavira.

A bridge and a glimpse of city view in Tavira

After renting a bike, here are some places to ride in and around Tavira

Praia Do Barril

On the limiting island Ilha de Tavira is a world-class beach. Praia do Barril has a long and wide white sand belt, with rows of umbrellas and sun loungers and a dune system behind. Children will get a kick out of the trip, because after parking on the beach you take a mini train. It crosses sand dunes and rivers until you arrive at the remains of an old fishing community. Huts and their homes are now beach restaurants and mini museums, while anchors of fishing fleets have been planted on sand dunes as monuments in the past.

Tavira Castle

The best remnants of the Moorish era in this city, Tavira castle has walls originating from the Almoravid dynasty in the 1000s. It was upgraded later during the Almohad Caliphate in the 12th century, and many of the remnants survived that time. You can exercise where the walls are made of compacted clay and gravel, and there are “albarrana towers” to climb for a complete panorama. This kind of watchtower, connected to the wall by the stairs, is the signature of the Moorish fortress. These are older elements, while the rest of the castle was restored after Reconquista. You can also observe the city from the wall and stop for a few minutes in the park, always fun when a hundred year bugenville is in bloom.

Igreja Da Misericórdia

This Renaissance church facade demands your attention, and comes from the construction of the church in the mid-16th century. In the central niche is a picture of Mary as “Our Lady of Mercy”, flanked by high reliefs of Peter and Paul. See Portuguese emblems and high quality stone in decorations above the door and pilasters on both sides. See also the Renaissance column in it, with the gargoyle as the capital, while there are episodes of Life of Christ in the azulejo panel on the wall.

A boat and a glimpse of beach view in Tavira

Praia Da Ilha De Tavira

The closest beach to the city is also the most visited. As the name suggests, it is on a barrier island isolated from the mainland by a small channel. The ferry crossing costs € 2 to return and transport back and forth throughout the day. After landing, there is a short walk past the camp before you are confronted by a long sandy beach that seems to last forever. Sun loungers and umbrellas are separated from the next one, and you have a choice of restaurants, many of them with free Wi-Fi if you can’t help boasting to your friends.

Tavira Camera Obscura

Not to be confused with “Torre Tavira” in the Spanish city of Cadiz, Tavira has his own camera obscura, which was erected in a converted water tower. This tower is from 1931, and stands near the castle and Igreja Matriz. After decades of obsolescence, a camera obscura was installed in a water tank, using carefully positioned mirrors to project a direct image of the city to a table in a dark room. You will witness everything that happened around Tavira very clearly and a brief presentation of the mechanisms that made this possible.

There are so many places to ride in and around Tavira.

The first of these rides is Tavira – VRSA – Castro Marim – Tavira

Biking to the east where you will go the Eco-via beach through Cabanas de Tavira, Cacela Velha, Manta Rota, Altura, Monte Gordo, VRSA, Castro Marim and back.

The second of these rides is Tavira – Barragem Odeleite – Tavira

Excellent routes for those who like difficulties roads in good condition and spectacular views.

Whether for an active holiday or just to relax, rent a bike in Tavira is an eco-friendly and environmentally way to see some of the normally unseen sights of Tavira, biking is also a deep way to get to know people, food, culture and history of Tavira, Algarve.

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