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Rent a bike in Quinta do Lago is the best way to enjoy Quinta do Lago, Portugal. Let’s rent one of ours while spending your vacation in Quinta do Lago, Portugal.

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Quinta do Lago was founded by 1971 Polish-Brazilian property developer André Jordan, three years after the end of the Salazar administration.

Located right near Faro Airport, there are many popular things at Quinta Do Lago when you arrive to stay. This place is known as an exclusive golf location, offering more than 30 golf courses in the local area. However, there is more to Quinta Do Lago than just golf courses and caddies. The following is a list of various activities and places to visit that you can enjoy during your stay at Quinta Do Lago.

Besides renting a bike, here are the best 5 things to do in Quinta do Lago

Visit The Beaches

After renting a bike, you can ride in and around beach in Quinta do Lago 

Based in the Algarve there are never far beaches to visit. Quinta Do Lago Beach is easily accessed via a long bridge that crosses Ria Formosa Nature Park. Golden sand stretching for miles along the beach makes it ideal for relaxing sunbathing or a pleasant day with family. If you have ever felt hungry, there are bars and restaurants nearby that provide drinks and food to arouse your appetite. Some foods contain a selection of fish that have been caught right on the beach. Other beaches including Praia De Garrao which can be easily reached by road or Ancao beach surrounded by natural forests, provide brilliant environmental quality.

Play A Round Of Golf

A golf course in quinta do lago

As mentioned before, Quinta Do Lago is one of the Algarve’s largest golf destinations and it’s rated as one of the best across Europe. At the moment it has more than 30 golf courses to try, with one of them hosting the Portuguese Open Championship eight times. With such a wide range of courses, it offers a challenge to all skill levels with fairways stretching reasonable distances that are surrounded by wild pines, beautiful shrubs and glistening lakes. Golfing academies are available so can train yourself up for all forms of the game and a well-earned drink after a long round can be provided by the large clubhouses that border the courses. It truly is one of the most popular things to do in Quinta Do Lago for golf lovers.


People playing tennis in a tennis court at Quinta do Lago

Besides Golf, Tennis is another popular sport that is played in the region. The ‘campus’ located near the Vilar Do Golfe roundabout provides several tennis courts that are open for public. What’s beneficial is that this site also offers a coach who can help you improve your game if you need it, otherwise you are more than happy to play for fun and make the day. Depending on your length of stay, tennis packages are available from hourly recruitment to weekly membership for the right tennis fans.


A shopping center in Quinta do Lago

Shopping is one of the popular things to do at Quinta Do Lago. For shopping lovers, Quinta Do Lago hosts the ‘Q’ shopping center which includes many designer shops for you to enjoy. The boutiques are also present, which means you can provide yourself with real retail repair therapy. After you have finished shopping from your system, there is a food court on the premises that has many dining options in restaurants and cafes. Besides Q, other shopping centers include Algarve Shopping, Algarve Forum and a shopping center in Portimao. Shopping really is one of the most popular things to do at Quinta Do Lago, even when you feel you’ve done everything before you arrive!

Bike Tours

A bike guided tour in Ria Formosa

Come and get to know beautiful Ria Formosa, one of the most beautiful areas in the Algarve.

Ria Formosa is a natural park that spreads by itself through a collection of Loulé, Faro, Olhão, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António, and serves as a habitat for many different animal specimens, having enormous biodiversity. For this reason, Ria Formosa is a very famous place for bird watching, and makes it a very beautiful place to visit!

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Those are the best places to visit during your vacation in Quinta Do Lago according to our bike rental in Portugal.

However rent a bike in Quinta Do Lago can be a setting for extraordinary biking adventures and rent a bike in Quinta Do Lago is also the best way to see unusually seen sights of Quinta Do Lago, a deep way to get to know people, food, culture and history of Quinta Do Lago, Portugal.

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Let’s ride a bike in Algarve today! We will be happy to help you choose the bike that suits you perfectly 🙂


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