All The Exciting Things to Do in Almancil

Rent a bike in Almancil to enjoy it’s beautiful gems, stroll around the city and witness the mixtures of its ancient value with the dynamism of new and cosmopolitan times. Riding a bike while sightseeing all the amazing places is one of the best things to do in Almancil. And MTB Algarve can fulfill all your needs for a bike rental in Almancil, Portugal

What’s with Almancil?

Almancil is located in the county of Loulé. As part of the Golden Triangle, it is a few minutes south from the town of Loulé. This region has a large geographical, physical and intellectual legacy of up to 200 years of experience. Moreover, its strategic geographical position makes this spot one of Europe’s most attractive tourist regions. 

Stroll around Almancil and you’ll see plenty of reminders of the history of the area. The pottery industry is part of the history of Almancil, and with their subdued pastel colours, the locally made pieces are extremely attractive. Almancil is also home to Algarve’s most beautiful white-sand beaches. Almancil has a coastline of more than 12km, where visitors can relax in the sea or on the fine, white sands. Beach days will also be a must! 

Almancil owes its location on the tourist trail largely to the two very exclusive resorts within 10 km of the city. Both Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo are well-established projects that offer premium accommodation, top quality food and fantastic golf, and have long been an important and popular holiday destination. Historical essence, natural sceneries and quality tourist trails, Almancil has it all! What will be the best things to do with these best qualities that Almancil has? We’ll tell you!

Exciting Things to Do in Almancil

Vale do Lobo made Almancil very known amongst the Algarve region. For families, couples and even a solo traveller Vale do Lobo is the ideal holiday destination, offering the chance to either relax and be pampered in luxury or enjoy one of the many sports and activities on offer. Here are some exciting things to do inside the resort!

A person is playing golf, one of the amazing things to do in Almancil

Play Golf!

Vale do Lobo is best known for its course, and yes, it was initially intended to develop the shoe resort around one of the golf clubs on the property. Today, there are two cleverly built courses offering deceptive fairways and demanding greens for you to test your wits against. It’s a good idea in the summer months to book an earlier tee time to avoid playing in the afternoon heat. As clubs and bags can be supplied by the resort, you do not need your own equipment. 

Rent A Bike in Almancil

It’s entirely possible to enjoy your stay without a vehicle, however, you can definitely rent a bike in Almancil and explore the big resort. The resort has everything you need including boutique shops, restaurants and entertainment. You can rent a bike when arriving in Faro, MTB Algarve will get done and easy for you. 


The scenery and landscapes around Vale do Lobo and the nearby coast of the Algarve is very stunning, so a horseback ride gives the opportunity to see nature at its finest. It is ideal also for non-riders and kids with tame and well-trained horses and follows a path out into the sand dunes. Each trek lasts for two hours and you will be treated to views of an amazing sunset on horseback if you go for the last session of the day. Don’t hesitate to take a camera with you!

Museu Municipal de Arqueologia

Take a look at Vale do Lobo culture and history during your visit in Almancil! This museum is a MUST to visit. It is quite a small museum with relatively cheap tickets to get in. Together with information pamphlets, there are artefacts and interesting displays that explain each one in English. This museum helps to capture some of the fascinating backgrounds of this part of Portugal, with everything from Roman to a caveman.

A person is enjoying a bike tour toward the sunrise, one of the amazing things to do in Almancil

Bike Tour in Almancil

You can have a bike tour in the town of Almancil and witness the church of São Lourenço in the east of the village, an Algarvian Architecture, covered with 18th-century ceramic tiles on the inside. The distance of the tour is 10km with a duration of an hour only! With average land prices of €5000 per square meter, this Portuguese region is one of the regions with the highest property prices. You can rent a city bike to just simply paddle around the town! 

Best Thing to Do in Almancil is Bike Away!

One of the best things to do in Almancil is riding a bicycle! Even when staying at the resort, it is very fun to go around with a bike. You can also bike around the beach such as Praia do Garrão and Praia do Ancão – both are the best beaches in Almancil with good restaurants. The church is worth a visit in the neighbouring village of São Lourenço.  

Renting a bike in Almancil is an ecological and eco-friendly way to see some of the usually unseen sights of Almancil and biking will also encourage you to get to know people, food and culture and history of Almancil, Algarve.

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