Top and Fun Things to Do in the Almancil

Almancil is a part of Algarve where it is not very well known, it is a smaller town than others but it is worth the visit. You will be surprised by some of the top things to do in Almancil and places you can explore at this hidden destination. If you’re curious about Almancil, keep reading! 


The Unique Town Of Almancil

 top things to do in the Almancil


Located along the south-eastern coastline of the municipality of Loulé, Almancil is in the affluent Golden Triangle region of the Algarve of southern Portugal. It’s geographical position is strategic and unique and made it one of the most attractive tourists spots in Europe. Almancil had integrated environmental assets sought by many researchers and academics because of the town’s special geographical and environmental characteristics. The sites include Ria Formosa and the Natural Reserve of Ludo. 


On top of that, Almancil made it’s historical and cultural heritage a front line priority giving the town an essence of an ancient atmoshphere. These heritages sites include, a church;  Church of St. Lawrence and art and cultural galleries; São Lourenço Cultural Centre and Art gallery resort of Vale do Lobo. Despite it’s strong cultural essence, Almancil also has a beautiful coastline where tourists can relax and enjoy the lovely weather by the beach. The beautiful white sand beaches in Almancil are regulated and have abundant and high quality beach facilities. You can also enjoy yourself with the practice of various aquatic sports, including windsurfing, jet skiing, boating, snorkeling, among others.


Last but not least, the two most influential resorts for Almancil tourist trails; Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, an exclusive resorts within 10 km of the town. It is a well-established property that offer luxurious accommodation, delicious food and great golf location, and have long been an important and popular holiday destination. Almancil has a lot to offer, indeed! We shall go a bit further to what exactly are the top things to do in Almancil!


What are the Top Things to do In Almancil?


Ever wonder what you’ll do when you arrive in Almancil? Here’s a few things to get you started!


Mini Golf at Quinta do Lago 

For some fun activities in Almancil, try out the mini golf course at Quinta do Lago! It is Set next to the Ria Formosa Natural Park, Quinta do Lago in southern Portugal offers luxury living in a natural environment. Quinta do Lago, an award-winning golf resort, a wealthy and popular playground, a favorite of celebrities and a summer haven with endless beaches, is very special, offering well-being and family moments in an atmosphere that is truly intimate.  It is an exciting treat, golfers and total beginners enjoy the course that is demanding enough to keep it exciting and entertaining.


Garrão Nascente Beach

Garrão Nascente Beach

Visit Garrão Nascente Beach for a  beautiful stretch of golden sandy beach! Have a nice beach day out with sun beds available, a massage tent and plenty of restaurants to visit. You can have nice long walks in this beach or lay down on a sun bed and enjoy the Algarve’s sunny weather. A beach day is definitely one of the top things to do when in Almancil, to make the most of their stunning white sand beaches. 


Igreja de Sao Lourenco de Almancil

Igreja de Sao Lourenco de Almancil

Go on a cultural tour to the Main Church of São Lourenço (St Lawrence) in Almancil. This church is a must to visit in order to witness one of the the greatest artistic treasures in the Algarve. Built in the 18th century, it depicts the life of São Lourenço and has a single nave and a cathedral paved in figurative tiles with a fine cupola that continues along the walls of the nave and vault. You will be amazed by how amazing the architecture is built under the influence of ancient Portugese culture. 


Bike tour 

People are enjoying bike tour from MTB Algarve, the best bike rental and tour in Algarve and around Portugal

In the town of Almancil, you can have a bike tour and witness the São Lourenço church in the east of the village, the Algarvian Architecture, covered inside with ceramic tiles from the 18th century. With a 10km distance, the bike tour is just an hour’s duration! A city bike can be rented to just paddle around the city! Or you can also book a guided tour from MTB Algarve where you can tailor it to your wants. The unknown Algarve Road Bike tour will allow you to experience the bike tour you want, from the route, the distance and everything else. 


Mountain Biking in Almancil

A woman is visiting Algarve and enjoying a mountain bike tour

Mountain biking is also one of the top things to do in Almancil. One of the best mountain bike trails is from Faro to the region of Almancil, a moderate mountain biking with a distance of 19 miles and just an hour and a half duration! When arriving at the capital city of the Algarve, you can always start your journey with a healthy mountain biking, getting the adrenaline and exciting time in straight away when you arrive. 


Enjoy Almancil with a Bike!

Enjoy Almancil with a Bike

At Almancil, riding a bicycle is one of the best things to do! Even if you’re staying at the resort, it’s fun to ride a bike around. You can also cycle around the beach, such as Praia do Garrão and Praia do Ancão, both of which are the best restaurants in Almancil. In the neighboring village of São Lourenço, the church is worth a visit. Stroll around the town and absorb the southern portugese culture with your bike, and have a relaxing time. Riding a bike is not only about exercising, it is also a new way to get your stress-relieved with a relaxing rhythm of the paddle accompanied by the nice atmosphere of Almancil!


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A bike is a must when visiting to one of Algarve’s finest places! The city is calm and is the perfect setting for bike riding. MTB Algarve is ready to help you with any bike-related problems when you’re here in he Southern Portugal, we offer many kinds of bikes for you to rent and also a guided tour for when you want to just enjoy your holiday and leave the hassle. Visit out website for more information and we’ll see you in the Algarve!