Lagos Is Full of Amazing Things To Do

If you’re planning to visit Lagos anytime soon, you’re on the right page! Lagos is one of the ways to appreciate the beauty of Southern Portugal’s coast. There are more than a handful of amazing things to do in Lagos that you wouldn’t want to miss out on! Pack your bags, book your flight to Lagos and keep reading this page to know more about Lagos. 

The Beauty of Lagos

Lagos is located in the western part of Algarve and it is actually the largest tourist town located about 90 kilometers away from the Faro, the capital of Algarve. The region of Lagos corresponds to the formation of the Middle Miocene Lagos-Portimão (a band that stretches from Lagos to Albufeira along the coast, along the Serra do Caldeirão to the north) and corresponds to marine sedimentation over a relatively stable but marginally deformed shelf platform of limestone. 

Lagos is famous for its ravishing beaches of warm colors, it is surrounded by gold-colored rock cliffs. One of the best things to do in this region is enjoying your time, beach hopping and you can even have a nice cliff walk along the coast. One of the Algarve’s most popular beaches is Praia da Dona Ana, It is known for its spectacular cliffs and clear waters. The beach is located between the town of Lagos and Ponta da Piedade. The beach is surrounded by Praia do Camilo and Praia do Pinhão.

Local cuisines are also scattered around Lagos, one of them is Casa do Prego. This restaurant serves delicious Portuguese food. Their tuna steak and chicken Piri-Piri are outstanding, very recommended. The staff is also attentive and friendly. Make sure to visit and give the Portuguese cuisine a taste! Apart from the beautiful natural sceneries, Lagos has a historic touch. Lagos maintained its ancient buildings and made it into a spectacular tourist spot to visit. The old town of Lagos has some nice buildings and beautiful cobblestone streets. It is very nice to walk around here and experience the local culture.

Boat trip to cave Ponta da Piedade is one of the amazing things to do in Lagos

Amazing Things to Do in Lagos!

Already have an idea of what to expect when coming to Lagos? Here’s a more in-depth guide where we’ll tell you about things to do while having a get-away in Lagos. 

Boat Trip to Cave Ponta da Piedade.

This is the perfect family get-away to stress-relieve and enjoys one of Algarve’s best caves. The sea is amazingly clear in that corner of Lagos, which, along with the mesmerizing cliffs, makes the scenery a real marvel of nature. Choose the boat trips that suit you best, whether it is a visit to other rock formations and other caves on the Algarve coast or diving stops or snorkelling stops and lunch or a barbecue on the beach, it’s on you! 

At the end of the day, Ponta da Piedade possessed a special elegance, which led many to view its sunset as the most beautiful in the world. When witnessing the sunset, we recommend you to be aboard a boat. It is better to enjoy the sunset without having to be bouncing here and thereby being in the boat. 

Beach day in Praia da Dona Ana.

As mentioned above,  Praia da Dona Ana is famous for its crystal clear water and stunning cliffs. The beach is very close to Lagos City. Thus, particularly in the summer, it can get really crowded at the beach. The sea of Dona Ana is calm as the rock formations of Ponta da Piedade protect Dona Ana beach against waves from the southwest. You can definitely relax and lay down on the sand while having a tan! The calm sea is also why this beach is famous for snorkelling. you can see a big variety of flora and fauna underwater.

Visit the Parque Zoológico de Lagos (Lagos Zoo).

If you are looking for a place to entertain your kids, go ahead visit the Lagos Zoo! The zoo is beautiful, filled with happy animals, and handled with care. There are varieties of animals that the kids can explore and learn, like rare birds and farm animals. The cool thing is that the farm animals can be fed by us and some animals even roam freely. There are plenty of cafes that provide food and coffee also. Overall, it will be a fun few hours for the kids and it’s worth the try!

A group of walabis in Lagos zoo

Go on an adventure in a Safari Jeep!

If you think the holiday is all about relaxing and enjoying the scenery, you definitely should try something different. Like this adventure, for example, riding off-road over tracks, streams, villages, and going deep into Algarve regions. Finding picturesque landscapes not a lot of people knew about. The experience will test your adrenaline with a really intense and fun ride. This is definitely a must-try for families that are bored of relaxing, and want something exciting!

Take a walk in Marina de Lagos.

A nice relaxing walk in the harbour of Marina is the perfect way to enjoy the last hours of the day in Lagos. The Marina lies in the bay of Lagos, close to the historic spot of the town. It is a lovely spot for a walk along the palm-fringed waterfront, which has a promenade of street vendors selling souvenirs on one side and a decent variety of pubs, restaurants, and shops on the other. It is definitely worth visiting as you can hunt for souvenirs and watch the activities of the harbour. 

Look around at Barragem da Bravura

The Bravura dam offers beautiful views from the top, with stunning landscapes. The great scenery makes the place worth a walk around to appreciate the beauty it has. The atmosphere is really peaceful, with a clear lake surrounded by hills and decorated with pine and eucalyptus trees. Taking a walk cannot really get any better, with some cafes that are ready to serve you. With plenty of space, a picnic with family would be great here especially how the natural beauty has fully supported it.

Explore Centro Cultural de Lagos

The Lagos cultural center is a place that brings back the old times. It still contains the old city look and highlights the Portuguese culture. The unique characteristics are narrow cobbled streets, tiled buildings, forts, fountains, and the authentic restaurants or cafes around. The charming atmosphere gives it a nice touch to walk around and explore with your family. It really does feel like you used a time machine to get there because there is nothing like it!

Cycling! One of The Best Things to Do in Lagos.

Cycling is one of the things to do in Lagos! A must! There are lots of cycling-friendly places in Lagos. The historic centre of the town will be the perfect route for you to stroll around and enjoy the ancient atmosphere. Moreover, there are a lot of tracks along the road to Lagos’ beaches on the cliff tops. You can rent a bike in Lagos and then ride your bike, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coast as well as the stunning ocean below. This region also has the perfect weather all-year round! Even if it is winter, Lagos has limited rain and unlimited warmth which is suitable for your cycling activities. 

Two person are enjoying cycling holiday by renting a bike in Lagos

You can simply stroll through the town and discover restaurants with amazing food! Replace your public transportation or car with a bike, as sometimes the centre of the town can be quite crowded and cycling is the way to go!

Rent A Bike in Lagos with MTB Algarve

If you choose to stroll around Lagos with a bike, we have the perfect way for you to get access to the bikes while in Algarve! MTB Algarve offers bikes for rent and guided bike tours, they are located in Faro. When you arrive in Algarve, your first destination will be Faro capital city. There you can approach MTB Algarve for a bike rental before going into Lagos and explore the beauty of the town!

Rent your bike in Lagos now and enjoy the amazing bike tour with MTB Algarve!

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