No Regrets When Having Tours in Algarve!

Algarve is the authentic destination for holidays along Portugal’s Atlantic coastlines. It is home to unique and beautiful areas which have its own unique traits. It’s always best to go on tours in Algarve, whether it’s bike tours, kayak tours, dolphin watching tours or even a safari tour! By going on tours, you have a set of clear activities for your days in Algarve and by this, you can enjoy the beauty and gems in Algarve to the fullest!

What’s inside the Algarve?

The Algarve is much more than just sun, sea and sand! It is the doors to many amazing places that will give your holidays a unique touch. Most people arrive in Algarve through the Faro airport, from there you can start your tours in Algarve where you can easily access other regions

Let’s start with Albufeira, a former fishing village. Now the area’s fishing economy is jumping to diving excursions and boat trips. It is home to long beaches peppered with colorful, sun-soaked cliffs. The beautiful waterfront pavements are lined with lovely apartments painted in pastel and neon hues. This is where you can have a dolphin watching tour in Algarve, and enjoy your daytime in safe, beautiful beaches.

Next is a picturesque and traditional Portuguese resort town of Carvoeiro. Thick sea cliffs and white painted houses stacked by the beach gives this region of Algarve a Mediterranean vibe.  Another exciting tour in Algarve that you should try here in Carvoeiro are hiking and boat trips to make the most of its dramatic natural scenery! It is very recommended for a family vacation as it is a slow-going town and it is very relaxing.

One of the amazing beaches that you can visit by trying the best tours in Algarve

Another lovely town is Loulé, located about 15 kilometres north of Faro, is a traditional Portuguese market town. When staying in the larger resort towns (Albufeira, Vilamoura or Quarteira) of Algarve, Loule is probably the most visited for a day trip to experience the authenticity of Portugal. There are many attractions to spend half a day of sightseeing as it is filled with ancient monuments such as The Castle Walls of Loule and is home to Algarve’s best market, held in the Moorish inspired covered market. Rent a bike in Loule where you can absorb the culture and go around the market peacefully by cycling! There will be a lot of places for bike rental in Loule!

Those are just some of Algarve’s beautiful gems and those places hold its own distinctive authenticity. Now, let’s get into the tours in Algarve that MUST try!

Amazing tours in Algarve and around!

As the most popular destination for tourism in the country, Algarve provides quite varieties of tours. Here are some of the most popular ones to do in Algarve!

Our first recommendation will be the caves and dolphin watching cruise in Albufeira. This tour will use a small motorized boat which will take us to the deep caves and grottos which cant be accessed by foot. The view of the caves and grottos will be magnificent and mesmerizing, as it is a rare type of formation by nature. The best part about the tour will be the dolphin sighting which comes after the cave tour. The guide is the expert in finding dolphin spots but it will not be a 100% chance of seeing them. If we are lucky enough to find them, there will be 2 types of dolphin in the area, the normal ones and bottlenose dolphins.

Overall, this is a cheap and fun tour with the family as it includes sightseeing and dolphin spotting. It will be an educational as well as entertainment tour for the family. The tour will provide safety gears and will take around 2 hours to complete.

Dolphing watching cruises are the choices you can have in Albufeira, Algarve

Our next recommendation is the Algarve Buggy Tours where you can explore in an adrenaline-rushing all-terrain buggy. By using the buggy as your transportation, it gives you access to the areas which are inaccessible by normal vehicles. This means that you can escape the tourist’s trail and explore the inland region of Algarve. This tour is already guaranteed fun for families, and exploring the area will provide you with spectacular views with minimum crowds.

If your family is ready to boost their adrenaline in a thrilling adventure around Algarve, then this tour is perfect for you. It will give you the new experience and let you know what it really feels like to get on a real adventure. There will be a guide so no need to worry on the safety of the tour or getting lost.

Our last recommendation is cycling in Algarve. So far, this is the best way to travel around the area with the weather being sunny all year long. The experience biking gives you will be unforgettable, especially if you planned the route that interests you the most. For example, rent a bike in Loulé and you can choose the route you want to go to see the authenticity of the place. Like visiting the Vilamoura Marina to enjoy some relaxing atmosphere, then head to Mercado de Loulé to experience the local market.

Biking will be very fun for the family, especially as it gives an adventurous spice on every single trip you go. Your physical health will also be tested here, as the route can be long and tiring. If your family is looking for a fun and fit way of going around the area, then this is your choice!

Have a hobby of cycling? Algarve is Your Place!

The Algarve’s landscapes and regions offer the perfect place for cycling or bike holidays. Their slow going town with pavements and their sandy trails next to the beautiful beach is perfect to be enjoyed by cycling. Paddling through the breeze and overlooking the breathtaking sceneries are one of the best ways to enjoy Algarve. Tours in Algarve commonly consist of a bike tour, where people come with their bikes or rent a bike when they get to Faro. They will have a tour through Algarve’s cliffs or go explore the historical towns scattered around Algarve. Sometimes, people visit Algarve to do a guided tour where they can discover certain areas or do a mountain bike tour away from city life. Algarve is the perfect place for these sporty but fun cycling activities.

A woman is trying one of the best bike tours from MTB Algarve

Credit: MTB Algarve

Bike tours in Algarve? Want to rent a bike? MTB Algarve is the answer!

MTB Algarve is one of the best places to rent a bike in Algarve. It is located in Faro, where most arrivals will be from there and you can easily rent a bike first before exploring the rest of Algarve’s beautiful regions! We have many selections of bikes and you can match your needs accordingly to your tour. Bike tours in Algarve can also be booked in MTB Algarve, where there are many types of tours to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us in Faro or visit our website for more information on how to enjoy Algarve to the fullest!

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